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alloy wheel

Vehicles are re-sprayed within the controlled confines of a spray bake low-bake oven, where paint is baked to a hard, durable finish.Spraybake has secured two orders in excess of £2.7 million, for the design, manufacture and installation of aircraft paint spraybooths for the Ministry of Defence.

Spraybake’s success in achieving these orders is based upon providing plant and systems to meet exacting MOD standards, and the high standards set out by S.E.P.A the Scottish environment protection agency.

Ashgrove's paint shop uses a quality system from one of the world's biggest paint companies; Akzo Nobel Sikkens. Working with Sikkens enables us to match any car colour precisely. Using this specialised computer paint mixing equipment, our skilled technicians use a number of different tinters to create up to 40,000 different colours.

Ashgrove uses Akzo Nobel's latest paint system; Autocryl LV. & Autovision
clear coat. Autocryl LV is a low solvent paint system which helps reduce solvent pollution. Using this system allows us to show our commitment to the environment, and at the same time, provide our customers with an excellent colour match and superior finish.

Our company is covered by the Sikkens 6 year paint guarantee, which states that: 'The paint work will not deteriorate to any greater degree than the original finish.